Friday, May 06, 2016

Happy Birthday to me

Today is my 43rd Birthday.  Life has been like a blink of an eye. I was looking at my 20th birthday pictures. I could not believe time has passed so fast. I realized that if I stay alive I may go back and look at these days pictures and feel the same way in 20 years. I have to live life to the fullest and enjoy the little joys of life as much as possible. We all get cut up in daily life and our routines but sometimes should just slow down feel the moments and take a deep breath.
My plan for this year is to enjoy more, worry less and live the good moments:)


Blogger Jan said...

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12:29 PM

Blogger Jan said...

How are you doing Ocean? Still a few months till your next birthday. quit some years in America... How are your children doing?
You know, years ago you said also you would or should enjoy more, worry less and live the good moments. Isn't that always what it's all about?

12:43 PM

Blogger Niloofar said...

hi,happy new year.the best wish for you.

11:51 AM


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